Friday, September 17, 2010

Virginity link roundup

It's late, I'm tired and I don't have much time to post.

Athol Kay discusses virginity here.

The Man Who Was Thursday discusses virginity here.  I agree with Thursday that most Church girls I've encountered (those who attend Church regularly and take their faith lives seriously) are virgins or have pretty low numbers.  This is also confirmed from conversations with the wives of married buddies about Church girls generally.  Robin Hanson has similar data here.  These women who have held out, perfectly or imperfectly, deserve commendation and honor and respect for not jumping on the cock carousel when it would be easy to do so.  Most would make good wives, although they need, like just about all of us, some improvement.

Roissy discusses virginity and marriage here.

This is not virginity related, but it's a fascinating 2005 story about when men are ready to marry.  I'll try to do a longer post on this later.

In Mala Fide has a sad post here.

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  1. The MSNBC piece was interesting; I thought it was reasonably balanced, though obviously geared towards women. Fairly solid advice, in the main, for young women to consider.