Saturday, September 4, 2010

Always listen to Grerp - Piece of Advice #23 Debt Equals Slavery

The New York Times Your Money Column examines How Debt Can Destroy a Budding Relationship:

""Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, but when Allison Brooke Eastman’s fiancĂ© found out four months ago just how high her student loan debt was, he had a particularly strong reaction: he broke off the engagement within three days. ...

But as the couple got closer to their wedding day, she took out all the paperwork and it became clear that her total debt was actually about $170,000. “He accused me of lying,” said Ms. Eastman, 31, a San Francisco X-ray technician and part-time photographer who had run up much of the balance studying for a bachelor’s degree in photography. “But if I was lying, I was lying to myself, not to him. I didn’t really want to know the full amount.” ...

“But it had never occurred to me that this is something that might end up being a deal-breaker." [ADC: my emphasis]

For the marriage minded, both men and women, this is a real concern.  Yeah, I know, True Love Conquers All, blah, blah, blah.  But this is a huge issue.  There is no situation as a man or a woman where having more debt makes you more attractive.  None.  It can only work against you.  Remember, as the lovely Grerp said, "Debt equals slavery."

Now, I'm not saying never go into debt.  Just don't do it lightly.  Make sure that the reason you're acquiring debt makes sense.  Scrutinize the numbers before you make a decision. And, no, I'm not perfect either.  This is tough to do.  But going forward, this is the only way to live.

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  1. Thank you very kindly both for the linkage and your compliment. "Always listen to Grerp" - my blushes.