Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome, Frost of Freedom Twenty-Five

Frost, I wasn't very impressed with your guest post over at Ferd's place, what with your exhortations to hate "God" as a metaphorical construct, even if I agreed with your exhortation to "devote your life to becoming the best possible version of yourself that you can," which I agree with.

I subsequently found your blog.

I encourage my readers (ok, let's be honest, my reader) to check it out. Good writing and some good counsel, especially on the futility of becoming a PUA. We have lessons to learn from PUAs, but that is not our vocation or our avocation. The glory of God is man fully alive. More about St. Irenaeus later.

And Frost, I created a new category for you on my blogroll. If you fit better into an existing category, let me know and I will move you there.

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  1. Augustine, just now came across this! Thanks for the kind words.