Thursday, January 27, 2011

My take on OKCupid's latest

I love the statistical work at OKCupid. Lotta folks seem to be commenting on their latest post, including Her HUSness. Since this blog needs some content, I'll give it a go. Instead of putting a lot of thought into the merits of OKCupids findings and drearily double-checking the statistics, I'm going to offer comments on the photos of the girls:

Girl 1 and Girl 2 are ranked similarly in appearance, but Girl 1 gets more messages than Girl 2. This is Girl 1:

This is Girl 2:

This is surprising to me. Girl 1 is pretty in a hipster/goth/emo kinda way, but she seems like she'd have a lot of drama. Not Mrs. ADC material. Pass.

Girl 2 is beautiful. She's an easily overlooked type, but she's a good example of how jaw-droppingly beautiful an ordinary girl can be. I like her smile. She seems sweet. Her jewelry is understated and tasteful. The pony tail is cute. The one thing that's odd about this picture is what she's wearing. Is she a cross-country runner or something? If so, her athleticism speaks well of her and it's also a sneaky way for a prudey girl to post a picture with some skin. Thumbs up.

Next up is these two. Girl 3:

and Girl 4:

Not crazy about either one of these girls. Girl 3 does better than 4, but that doesn't surprise me because there's something about Girl 4's pose that I don't like. Maybe it's the almost kissy face that belongs at Girl 3 looks right into the camera. I like that.

Girl 5 is here:

Girl 5 does better than Girl 6, who is here:

Girl 5 has a cute expression, but I'd go with Girl 6 because I like the gingers. She also has amazing blue eyes. It's not really something I look for, but it is notable when you see it.

Now, for the two girls featured at Hooking Up Smart:

Girl 7:

and Girl 8:

Girl 7 is clearly a train wreck. This girl has suffered in the past, and if you wind up with her, you'll suffer in the future.

Girl 8 is very attractive. You can see she is beautiful and happy, and the twinkle in her eyes conveys confidence, vivacious, and if you're lucky, mischief. She might even be smart and funny to boot. So, she might be the total package, the girl of your dreams. Or she could be a total bitch. It all depends on how gracious she is. It doesn't depend on how receptive she is a man's advances. She could still be amazing and not attracted to a guy. Likewise, she could be horrid gargoyle and still be lusting after a guy.

The real choice among these girls in my opinion would be between Girl 2

and Girl 8

Which one is better marriage material? You'd have to get to know each one to make that determination.

More importantly, which one are you strong enough to pull?

Good luck, gentlemen.


  1. What I like about Girl 2, is that she is completely un-self-conscious about her beauty, in that pic. She's just herself, and that comes through. She's not posed for the camera, she's just smiling spontaneously, naturally. The fact that she's athletic means she takes care of her body, in a good, natural way, not trying to make herself look better by largely artificial means, as many do, but by being healthy.

    Girl 2 for the win!

  2. The more I think about it, the more I agree with you, Will S.