Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Women are conditioned to believe that better men are always around the corner

I have a theory that women are conditioned to believe that better men are always around the corner.  They believe this because for most of their lives, it's been true.  It starts with girls and boys, when girls hit puberty before boys.  They grow and are usually taller than their male classmates for a year or two.  I think this codes into their brains that their male peers are inadequate.  By 6th grade they're thinking about junior high boys.  In junior high, they're thinking about high school boys.  In high school, they're thinking about college guys.  In college, they're thinking about guys in graduate school. In grad school, they're thinking about the men in the exciting cities they'll be moving to after they graduate.

Notice a trend?

At every step of the way in adulthood, the men who will be coming into a woman's life are more attractive than her existing male peers.  Thus, she has an incentive to not "settle" for a guy she already knows.  It's not a ridiculous strategy.  Each woman only has to land one attractive man.  By the time an attractive woman is in her mid-20s, she's used to getting male attention.

If you're a decent Christian young guy who's having zero luck with the ladies, I'd encourage you to be aware of their mindset so you know what you're up against.

Grow.  Be a Man.  Today.  Study game and practice it in your own life while remaining faithful to God.

The women in your life today are not the only attractive women you'll ever meet.  New ones come along all the time.  All. the. time.  And once you start living game, you'll be surprised at how well you do with them.  Even the ones who passed on you because they believed you to be inadequate will notice the change.  If you care.

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