Friday, July 23, 2010

"Even Christian girls want men to put the moves on them."

Guys, we humans are incarnated beings. We as men have to interact with women in our fullest senses, not as pure spiritual beings who are nothing but intellects. Don't believe me? Here's a great post by a new blogger I just found. Welcome Aunt Haley of Haley's Halo:

"Even Christian girls want men to put the moves on them."

"I am not advocating that men pressure women for sex, or refuse to take no or other signs of disinterest/discomfort for an answer. But even a Christian woman wants to know that the man she is dating has some sexual interest in her. This is not easy to determine if the man refuses to touch her in any way* or basically acts like there is a 3-foot virginity forcefield surrounding her that will not allow him to get any closer. (*Sidehugs excluded.) If this goes on for long enough, the woman will seriously start to question why the man is even dating her.

The other reason a man should not act like he will become electrocuted should he touch the woman he is dating is that it’s a DLV. It makes the man seem deferential and complacent – maybe even fearful – without even having tested the waters. This is a big tingle-killer. If a man tries to put his hand on the woman’s waist and she pulls away, and he doesn’t try again for the rest of the night, a woman will respect him more than if he never tried at all."

Amen I say to you, in the immortal words of Trent (the character, not the Council), "There's nothing wrong with letting the girls know that you're money and that you want to party."

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