Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where to start - Alpha body language

Chateau writes on the Alpha body language that attracts women.

I can't stress how important body language is.  For the beginner, it should be the second major area of study, after inner game.  This is easy to learn stuff that's highly effective.  You'll get infinitely better results, even if only by converting to some inner game and behaving with alpha language.  It's much more important that all the canned game routines and negs.  And no, I'm not suggesting you ignore that stuff.  Just take care of inner game and body language first.

After a quick search on body language.  I came across this book, Love Signals by David Givens:

Looks good.  Anyone read it?

I also found this list of six powerful body language secrets by a Toronto dating coach.

I'll be posting more on alpha body language as I come across it.


  1. I looked at the pages of that book that Amazon put online. Some interesting ideas, a little SNAG-y in tone. If you read it, please post a review!

  2. Thank's, Haley. I do plan to track it down and read, but I doubt it will happen quickly. What is "SNAG-y"?

  3. SNAG = Sensitive New Age Guy